Technical PLC Support Technician


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The purpose of the Support Technician is to increase the productivity of automated equipment by troubleshooting and correcting electrical and mechanical issues with the controls that are beyond the scope of the operator’s abilities. The
Support Technician assists in managing process improvements, equipment installs and supporting elevated company/equipment issues. Develop and deliver technical training to machine operators.


The Support Technician will edit PLC programs as needed to accommodate for changes to equipment and products, edit robot programs as needed for new palletizing patterns, and make minor edits to camera OCV code inspection layouts to keep QA verifications functioning properly. This position will also edit touch-screen HMIs as necessary to accommodate for changes to equipment and products.

The Support Technician will be trouble shooting and repairing pneumatic valves, motors and gearboxes, and electrical and mechanical controls of the production equipment. This position also repairs and rebuilds ink jet and thermal transfer printers that have been taken out of service.

The programs and devices that a Support Technician will work around and with include, but are not limited to:
- 3 phase motors
- Allen Bradley PLC’s and Drives
- ABB and Fanuc Robot
- Cognex cameras
- AC/DC drive frequency controllers
- Electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical schematics

Test/certify machine operators for advancement. Assist Team Leaders during disciplinary incidents.

Trouble shooting and assist operators in repairing pneumatic valves, motors and 20% gearboxes, and electrical and mechanical controls of the production equipment.
Support elevated company machine/controls issues 15%
Responsible for assigned projects 15%
Continually making improvement impacting safety, quality, and processes 15%
Responsible for mentoring and/or training coworkers and machine operators 15%
Overseeing equipment modifications and new installs 5%

Administer testing/certification to advance machine operators pay level 5%

Lead shift as needed due to the absence of a Team Leader 5%

Assist Team Leader during any disciplinary incident 5%



Contacts Frequency Purpose of Contact Means of Contact
Daily Equipment status, shift Verbal (in person, phone) and

Immediate Peers hand-off & collaborative written (email) troubleshooting

Daily Support/Training, Verbal (in person, phone) and
Peers in Other Departments equipment status, needs written (email)
Daily Equipment status, Verbal (in person, phone) and

Immediate Leader receive assignments written (email)

Periodically Equipment status, Verbal (in person, phone) and
Leaders in Other Departments general meetings written (email)

Executives Rarely General meetings Verbal (in person)



The Support Technician determines and proceeds with the best course of action for correcting issues with the equipment. The Support Technician has the authority to make decisions pertaining to ordering parts and supplies, equipment improvement, process improvement, and safety improvement. The Support Technician has the responsibility to test, evaluate and certify machine operators for pay level advancement and Voltaic authorization.



Education – minimum of a two-year degree or equivalent controls experience and/or willingness to work towards a degree.

The skill level for interacting with the PLC at a minimum should be:

• Connecting to the CPU via cable or network. (We use serial, Ethernet, DH+, and Devicenet)
• Load PLC program
• Troubleshoot ladder logic. Identify inputs and outputs from a reference drawing.
• Make simple edits.

Half-mask with dust filters must be worn while performing tasks in Oil Room and Kitchen Area of Ready-to-Eat
Department. Requires fit text and exam. Associate must be clean-shaven for mask fit,


The preferred candidate will have 3-5 years of experience in the following:

- PLC troubleshooting
- Working with and setting up DH+, Ethernet, or other types of communication networks
- PC setup and maintenance skills
- Working with AC/DC drive frequency controllers and setup
- Reading electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical schematics

It is preferred that the Support Technician has previous experience with Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers.

12 Hour Rotating Schedule
Time: 4:45 PM- 5:00 AM.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $26.75 per hour

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This available job is a Rotation-Nights shift position located in Whitestown, IN.